I have a folder sat on my desktop labelled Ideas. This includes songs, snippets of melodies, lyrics and general concepts. The folder has been growing and growing in size over the last year and is now at bursting point (as far as a folder on a computer can be). I have to admit that I have been a bit guilty of not opening this folder and, rather, adding to it and leaving the ideas there to marinate. The main reason being one of not wanting to start delving into it until I’m in a place where I am ready to move forward: a place passed old projects waiting to be completed and on-going projects waiting to be refined.

This folder is also a delicate folder in that the material has come to me in moments of inspiration, rather than moments of desperation, which is so often the case when writing to a deadline or within a strict, constrained environment.

After what has been a fairly turbulent start to 2018 (in a positive way) I am about to open this folder and begin the process of turning these ideas into full pieces of music and songs. I have a few projects in mind that have been in my head long enough to know that they are worthy and serious. I have also been speaking to many other musicians and artists about the importance of getting on with writing, performing and to keep remembering why we ultimately make music. It not only provides us with an outlet but also with opportunities to perform and jam together, travel, socialise, build friendships and have a great time, all along forming memories that will stay with us forever.