In My Room

What is it about some particular places that make us feel creative? A place where you can sit at the piano for a whole evening alone and play with ideas pouring out. It is very rare to find a place like this but I feel that I have one. This place has memories and nostalgia but I don't think it's this that makes me feel so creative there. There are plenty of places I have lots of good memories and nostalgia that don’t, in themselves, make me feel creative.

As vague as it sounds and as impossible as it is to put into words, for me, it is two things: Warmth and Soul. Warmth in the sense that a room or space makes you feel secure and isolated from the world so there is no need to feel self-conscious. As soon as I feel there is a chance of someone listening, my creativity is slightly choked, not fully but enough to block my subconscious from flowing free. Soul in the sense that something is there. You feel it but you can’t explain it, or even expect others to feel it. Perhaps this is another way of labelling nostalgia but I feel it is more than that. It is a depth that makes you need and want to look inside yourself and communicate something from in there.

This is why, when I think about renting a studio or suddenly have three hours free to write somewhere, it is not often as simple as that. It is a quest to find a hideaway; a place where you can feel at ease, completely open and exposed and to be okay with that. The room I mentioned earlier, where I feel like this, has that something where I can shut the door and the world stops whilst I play the piano and explore the music that fills the room.